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Diamond Materials, LLC
About Us


Winner of the Delaware Contractors Association, Construction Excellence Award

Diamond Materials is located near the Port of Wilmington and serves Northern Delaware, parts of Chester and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania and Salem County, NJ. The company is uniquely qualified to provide a complete and full line of site construction services, asphalt products, and demolition of buildings and bridges. Our experienced leadership, quality personnel, technical expertise, and commitment to the customer ensure job satisfaction

Diamond Materials is a full service and well equipped site contractor capable of successfully completing small or large projects. From a backhoe to a thirty-five cubic yard scraper, we can meet the customers needs and create what the project management teams wants. Achieving results, strict attention to detail, and compliance with all laws and regulations help assure an environmentally sound and quality finished product.

Diamond Materials, LLC * 924 South Heald Street * Wilmington * DE * 19801