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Diamond Materials, LLC
Recent Projects

 We are proud of our work and we hope these pictures will demonstrate the effort we put into our projects every day.

Kirkwood Highway


The $5.8 million SR2/SR7 Kirkwood Highway Improvement Project.


The Improvement Project, which began in April 2001, involved a two-mile section of Kirkwood Highway, from the route 141 ramp to route 100.  Project features included traffic signal improvements, extensive landscaping in the medians and along sidewalks, the addition of turning lanes, curbing, benches and sidewalks, and the removal of some crossovers. The road surface was completely removed and resurfaced with hot mix asphalt pavement.   

From the blueprints to the final product

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Commercial Snow Removal


Newark Libary Site Project


Bridge 358 Project on US Route 40



A $1.7 million construction project to add double left turning lanes and pedestrian crossings to the intersection of Kirkwood Highway Del RT 2 and RT 7.

The changes will alleviate traffic problems by allowing twice as many cars to turn during one light cycle. Pedestrian crosswalks, signals and lighting are being added because of the amount of foot traffic drawn by businesses in the area.