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Diamond Materials, LLC
Commercial/Retail/Industrial Development

Growth into commercial, retail and industrial site development was a natural result of the Companys recognized expertise in site work, its large equipment inventory, the ability to quickly initialize a project and the rapid turnaround times that have become a Diamond trademark.

An important feature of Diamond Materials is its ability to perform virtually all the necessary site development functions with its own personnel and equipment. This allows for better management of the site work and gives the owner/developer the benefit of contracting the major portion of the project with a single entity. Items that are typically not performed by our own crews, such as landscaping, site electric, signage and fencing, are often included as a part of our scope.

The typical scope of our projects include clearing, earthwork, drainage, underground utilities, structural/architectural walls, culverts, curbs, walks, paving and off-site utility and roadway improvements.

Libary site project



Wal-Mart Site Project